2015 The Biggest Red


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It’s back. A haunting nose on this beastly wine showing ripe and dried red and black fruit. Cherry, raspberry, blackberry, with sweet cigar box and just a touch of roasted red pepper to remind you that this is a Cab dominated blend. On the palate, the wine is dry and hits all the bases. The tannins coat your mouth, but they are ripe and supple. This wine is juicy, yet powerful and the flavours are long. I would serve this a little cooler than room temp (cellar temp would be ideal) so you can sense the subtle complexities without the alcohol getting in the way. Grilled red meat that has been dryaged would be the perfect pairing and I would splurge on a ribeye or porterhouse as this wine is special, and deserves to be matched with something special. Please enjoy.

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